Global Disclaimer

Audit Disclaimer

This document serves as a disclaimer for the crypto smart contract audit conducted by Skeleton Ecosystem. The purpose of the audit is to review the codebase of the smart contracts for potential vulnerabilities and issues. It is important to note the following:

Limited Scope: The audit is based on the code and information available up to the audit completion date. It does not cover external factors, system interactions, or changes made after the audit. The audit itself can not guarantee 100% safaty and can not detect common scam methods like farming and developer sell-out.

No Guarantee of Security: While we have taken reasonable steps to identify vulnerabilities, it is impossible to guarantee the complete absence of security risks or issues. The audit report provides an assessment of the contract’s security as of the audit date.

Continued Development: Smart contracts and blockchain technology are evolving fields. Updates, forks, or changes to the contract post-audit may introduce new risks that were not present during the audit.

Third-party Code: If the smart contract relies on third-party libraries or code, those components were not thoroughly audited unless explicitly stated. Security of these dependencies is the responsibility of their respective developers.

Non-Exhaustive Testing: The audit involved automated analysis, manual review, and testing under controlled conditions. It is possible that certain vulnerabilities or issues may not have been identified.

Risk Evaluation: The audit report includes a risk assessment for identified vulnerabilities. It is recommended that the development team carefully reviews and addresses these risks to mitigate potential exploits.

Not Financial Advice: This audit report is not intended as financial or investment advice. Decisions regarding the use, deployment, or investment in the smart contract should be made based on a comprehensive assessment of the associated risks.

By accessing and using this audit report, you acknowledge and agree to the limitations outlined above. Skeleton Ecosystem and its auditors shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of the audit report or the smart contract itself.

Please consult with legal, technical, and financial professionals before making any decisions related to the smart contract.

Disclaimer trending channel and promotions

The multichain bot and the trending channel is an automated system. Each displayed listed token is getting on list regarding their volume or price change.
Each token getting on list by users who pairing their tg group to the bot. Therefore every displayed token can be moonshot or even scam.

The bot is collecting information from blockchains and displaying data.

None of the displayed projects or charts are Financial Advices.

Trade at your own risk!

Disclaimer on Promotion:

Our promoted slots like trending, button rent, banner rent are to inform people about your project. Just like any serious services we don’t guarantee fixed volume, but exposure. The results depending also on the promoted Project itself.

🚨 Disclaimer on Promoted/organic trending:

🔻 None of the projects displayed on @multichaintrending channel or here are Financial Advices!

🔻 We don’t encourage you to buy any projects listed or displayed here or on @multichaintrending

🔸 Allways do your own research before you ape! We are not responsible for your loss in any way.

🔴 Disclaimer on Presales and Fair Launches.

Tokens having a sale before launch are extremely risky investments! Always do the best research you can before participating in any presale or fair launch.
We don’t encourage you to buy any of the listed tokens, and we are not responsible for any loss of your investment. The list is only for informational purposes; we don’t apply any filters or conduct research on these tokens.
Strictly Do Your Own Research!”