Smart Contract Audit

Detailed smart contract auditing service

Telegram Multi Tool Bot

Price/chart bot, contract analyzer bot, watchlist (marketcap notifier), hype-mode accelerator

Telegram Trending

Top trending tokens, top gainer tokens, brand new launches.

The Most Complete Ecosystem for your Crypto Experience

All in one solutions, token informations, auditing, listing and trending service. Promotion.

73 Blockchains Market Data and 16 Blockchains Contract Audit Support!

Why Skeleton Audit?

Fast Delivery

Smart contract audits are performed within 24-48 Hours depending on workload and contract complexity.

User and Budget Friendly

Our audits giving explanations to users about scanned contract functions for better understanding and professional experience.


Our team using AI and personal scan on smart contracts to perform the possible best in-depth scan results

Raise your potential investors confidence with an Audit.

Real investors, long time holders doing research, having questions and wanna feel confident putting money in a project. Ensure their safety with a smart contaract audit. Choose our reliable, user friendly and fast delivery smart contarct audit to raise your trust score.

The Revolution of Telegram Trending

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Our Partners

Providing advanced crypto experience for devs and holders.

With Skeleton Ecosystem you have everything in your hand. Price/Chart tracking, safety analyzer, watchlist, telegram group management and lot more.