Why perform a smart contract audit?

Performing a smart contract audit is crucial for various reasons:

Security Assurance: Smart contracts often involve the handling of valuable assets and sensitive data. Audits ensure that the code is robust and secure, reducing the risk of security breaches.

Risk Management: Identifying vulnerabilities early allows developers to mitigate potential risks before they lead to significant losses or disruptions.

User Protection: Users of the smart contract platform deserve a secure and trustworthy environment. Audits ensure that their interactions with the contract are safe.

Investor Confidence: Audits enhance investor confidence by demonstrating a commitment to security and responsible development practices.

Steps of a Smart Contract Audit:

A comprehensive smart contract audit typically involves the following steps:

Contract Review: Understanding the contract’s purpose, functions, and interactions with other systems.

Code Analysis: Reviewing the codebase for vulnerabilities, logic flaws, and potential attack vectors.

Automated Testing: Employing automated tools to identify common vulnerabilities such as reentrancy, overflow, and underflow issues.

Manual Review: In-depth manual code inspection to catch vulnerabilities that automated tools might miss.

Security Testing: Actively testing the contract’s security measures, such as role-based access control and encryption.

Functionality Testing: Ensuring that the contract functions as intended and that all features work as expected.

External Dependency Review: Evaluating third-party libraries or code that the contract relies on.

Documentation Review: Analyzing the clarity and completeness of the contract’s documentation.

Risk Assessment: Assigning risk levels to identified vulnerabilities based on their potential impact and exploitability.

Report Generation: Compiling an audit report that includes identified issues, risk assessments, and recommendations for mitigation.

Communication with Developers: Discussing the findings with the development team to clarify issues and suggest fixes.

Remediation: Addressing identified vulnerabilities by implementing necessary changes and improvements.

Re-audit: In some cases, performing a follow-up audit to ensure that the identified issues have been adequately resolved.

By diligently following these steps, a smart contract audit can help ensure the security and reliability of the contract, minimizing risks and maximizing user trust.

Why Skeleton Audit?

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Smart contract audits are performed within 24-48 Hours depending on workload and contract complexity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to deliver the audit?

Depending on our workload and on the audited contract complexity it takes 24-48 hours. In some cases may take up to 72hours

Where will be the report shared?

The audit report is being created in a PDF document, which is then uploaded here on the website and to github. The audit is also posted in the audit telegram channel, trending channel, lounge and to our twitter.  Audited tokens receive an extra badge on the skeleton contract scanner and price bot.

How much does an audit cost?

Always refer to our latest pricelist for prices.

What are the submission steps?
  • Contact us on official telegram contact or send us an email
  • Provide the details and informations we need
  • Make payment
What are the perks of a Skeleton Smart contract audit?

All projects performing a skeleton smart contract audit getting an audit badge on the well known skeleton pricebot which is trusted and used by thousands of telegram users.

What are the requirements?
  • Contract must be deployed and verified on blockchain explorer.