Telegram Multi Purpose Bot
A bot covers more than you expect. 

Multichain market details tracking, multichain contracts analyzer, buybot, hype mode indicator, telegram group management.

Multichain Market Details Tracking

The best and most detailed telegram market details tracking bot for your project!

Tracks and displays following data:

– Token Name, Ticker, CA
– Price
– Marketcap
– Liquidity
👥 Holders Count (bsc)
– Volume 5m, 1h, 24h
– Price Change 5m, 1h, 24h
– Transactions 5m, 1h, 24h
🔥 Burned Supply! 
🏦 Staked Supply! (Bsc, Eth, arb)
♻️ Paid Reward! ( Bsc, Eth, arb)
– Token Website, Telegram, Custom Swap
– Minichart and link to Full chart
– 73 blockchains supported for basic informations!!!

Multichain token pairing option! 

Extra commands to display:

– Rewards

– Burned supply

– Staked Supply

Paired tokens can be listed on multichaintrending channel top trending and top gainers list.

Paired tokens getting their chart requests forwarded to the multichain events channel.

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Daily Marketcap

Some projects using skeletonbot

Some projects using skeletonbot

Multichain contract analyzer

Deep detailed token contract analyzer. To your group and in DM Mode.

 Deep scan features

– Token name and ticker (embed link to tg if paired)
– Contract Address
– Creator
– Renounced: Yes/No
– Verified Contract: Yes/No
– Buy/Sell Tax
– Honeypot Analyze
– Lp Lock
– Trading Disable Function check
– Set Fees check
– Proxy contract check
– Mint function: check
– Modify Balance function check
– Blacklist Function: check
– Whitelist Function: check
– Hidden Owner Function check
– Retrieve Ownership Function check
– Self Destruct Function check
– Specific Tax Change check
– Trading Cooldown function check
– Transaction Limiter function check
– Max Txns/Holding modifiable check
– Creator Wallet Token Holding check
– Creator Wallet LP Tokens Holding check
– New Owner Token Holding check
– New Owner LP Tokens Holding check
– Top Holders check
– Airdropped wallets report (Beta!)

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Hype Mode Notification Feature

Show your growth in your group and get free exposure on multichaintrending channel and in lounges!

Setup the Hype-Mode in your group for your project and get instant notification popups if the marketcap of your project is raising!

In popup:

  • Marketcap Raise % notification
  • Current Marketcap
  • Volume in last 1 Hour
  • Holders Change upwards
  • Contract Address
  • Paired Socials
All pumping popup messages are forwarded to the multichain trending channel, which provides temporary free exposure for your project.
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Gems Found

BuyBot Feature

Get instant notifications if someone buy your token and gain free exposure on trending channel!

Setup the Buybot-Mode in your group for your project and get instant notification popups if new buy happens for your project.

In popup:

  • Token Name with embed telegram link
  • Ammount og buy in BNB and USD
  • Ammount of native token received
  • Buyer address
  • The transaction Id
  • Holding of the buyer from the total supply
  • Position change of the buyer
  • Marketcap
  • Chart links
  • Voting link
  • Add to watchlist link
  • Link to trending list
  • Direct buy link
Top 15 trending tokens buy popups over 0.1 BNB getting forwarded to trendng channel.

The Revolution of Telegram Trending

Telegram Multichain Trending Channel
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